The Saharan Group was established in 1964. Its humble beginnings began as a small unit in Holbrook Avenue, Rugby played a large part in it’s sustained success of today. Originally established to equip local hospitals with surgical instruments and scissors, the diverse groups and product ranges offer today is a stark reminder of how far this adventure has taken us.

In the 1970s rapid growth of the organisation was facilitated by internal innovation and ingenuity. This expansion acted as a catalyst in becoming renowned worldwide as industry leaders in surgical instruments.

During this period Saharan was seeing expansion in its educational market and saw itself developing key relationships with government consortiums. To this day Saharan has honoured these same relationships and still continues to serve various consortiums and private suppliers throughout the educational market.

Our belief in complete customer satisfaction aided in our pursuit of uniquely designed state of the art instruments and has facilitated loyalty to the Saharan brand.

Throughout the years, our rigorous inspection programs and commitment to ensure the highest quality imaginable have not only been applied to our products, but most importantly to our customer service.

Today the Saharan Group resides at Blackburn Road, Sheffield. Literally a stones throw away from all major transport links in the UK. We utilize a fully networked team of innovators to ensure that each and every customer are given information that they need in a highly efficient manner.

You’ll find just as much personalised attention and dedication to customer service as you would have more than 50 years ago. We truly believe that our steadfast allegiance to this equation is what’s kept our organisation in business all these years.